It wouldn’t be honest if anybody says that they haven’t tried any fast food in their entire life. In the race of becoming healthy, we are quitting fast food but deep down in our heart, we have a soft corner towards fast food.  There are numerous fast food chains such as Dominos. Subway, McDonald’s and many more which has their turn over around billions every year.

TELLTHEBELL is basically a very famous survey that  of a well-known food chain company

Organized to know their customer’s liking and disliking related to their food. This survey turned out to be the best way to know their customer’s satisfaction also. They have come up with a very precise process. Every step of the process needs your attention. So let’s just know about the process in details :

  1. The participant should be a prominent citizen of the USA and should be 18 or above.
  2. The participant will get a 16 digits code which is only available on the original Taco Bell receipt.
  3. Altogether they have 50 periods of the survey, if you have taken part in the initial period of survey you’ll not get a chance until you have another fresh Taco Bell receipt with you.
  4. In case you have misplaced the receipt, you’ll have to know store number, time and date as well of that particular receipt.     

If you are done with this above-mentioned procedure to take part in the survey, the next stage is how to login and to finally start the survey. So let’s take a look at the steps of login also:

Tellthebell Survey at

  1. You’ll have to first type a site namely in your phone’s, PC’s or tab’s browser.
  2. When the link opens, just enter the 16 digit code you have from the receipt or else enter the store number, time and day then just hit the “start” button.
  3. The first question that will appear on the screen asks you to rate the food of the particular restaurant you visit.
  4. When you strike the “next” button, you’ll have a series of 15 questions in total related to food satisfaction, food quality, customer’s demand, liking and many more.

After completion of survey, you just submit it. And submitting the survey will not only help the fast food chain to make rectification in them but also can make you win $500. There will be a winner of each period so in total they’ll have 50 winners.

About Taco Bell:

TELLTHEBELL survey is basically conducted by a company named Taco Bell in 1962 in California of USA. The founder of this company was Glenn Bell who started his business with a small hot dog stand in the year 1946, lately, it was taken over by PepsiCo in the year 1978 and it is still maintained by them only.

All the information related to TELLTHEBELL survey is given above, and I would like to conclude that there will be no problem participating in the TELLTHEBELL survey as everything is mentioned related to the survey.


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