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I don’t think there would be any person in this world who doesn’t like pizza. For a proper foodie and a pizza lover, pizza has turned out to become their lifesavers. This attraction and fascination towards pizza of the young generation have made many fast food chains to think according to the demands of customers.

TELLPIZZAHUT, as the name, suggests it is a survey conducted by Pizza Hut to primarily know the wanting of their growing customers that what they want to eat in new flavors and in a new fashion. The procedure of taking up the survey is very simple as well as exciting at the same time. So let’s just take a glance over the rules to roll into the survey:

  1. The participant should be a prime citizen of US, Canada or Puerto Rico and should be 18 or above 18 years.
  2. The participant should have a legit receipt of a recent visit in Pizza Hut. And participants will get only one chance to take part in the survey in a month.
  3. Direct employees of  Pizza Hut or their family members don’t hold the chance to take part in any survey.

These were some rule which you need to know before going for a survey, if you are fulfilling all of these criteria then you are ready to head toward the login process and participating in the survey:

  • The first thing you do is that you login into the official website of Pizza Hut. The first page will instruct you to choose your desired language.

  • Then next you’ll have to share your order details and order type.
  • They’ll next come up with several questions related to their food and what should they do to improve their food quality and flavors.
  • End up the survey with your reviews and filling up the survey sweepstakes. It will make you eligible to get a reward from Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut marked its name because of their delicious range of Italian- American food which includes not only pizzas but also pasta and some side dishes. It was first established in the year 1958. Pizza Hut made it’s a way to India by first opening their chain in the city of Bangalore in the year 1996, and then there were no turning backs. Pizza Hut was passively accepted by Indians and it cleared the way to all other companies also to set up their chain in India.

Winding up all the information related to the TELLPIZZAHUT survey, I can definitely say that this survey will not only help you to satisfy your taste buds but can also help you to win some handsome cash prize by filling up survey sweepstakes.

What are the different TellPizzaHut Survey Sites?

For TellPizzaHut survey, there are different websites for different countries. Check them out-

  • For United States residents –
  • For United Kingdom residents, –
  • For Indian residents-

For Finland residents-

How can someone contact Pizza Hut Customer Service team?

You can contact pizza hut Customer Service in numerous ways. Their contacts are:

  • The pizza hut customer service number – 800-948-848
  • Pizza Hut corporate office number – 800-948-8488

Mailing address- 7100 Corporate Drive, Plano, Texas 75024.

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