Chances are you’ve heard countless times that exercising regularly is “good for your health”. But did you know that, deep down, it can also help you feel good? Doing the right amount of physical exercise can increase your energy level and even help you improve your mood.

That is why, in this article, we will give you the effective reasons to start moving, see and feel better, here we give you 5 advantages of regular physical exercise. If you practice it at least three times a week, in a period of no less than 30 minutes, you will notice the difference.

Why is it important to exercise regularly?

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercising regularly helps maintain good health and prevent disease. Do you need another reason to start in sports?

The sport adapts to any age, can be started independently of the physical level of each one and provides general well-being from the first day. The benefits for the physical and mental health of children, adolescents, adults and the elderly have been widely researched and tested.

Global recommendations on physical activity for health

According to the WHO, frequent physical exercise contributes significantly to general health and the prevention of noncommunicable diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed the ” Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health” with the overall objective of providing policymakers with guidance on the role of physical activity in the prevention of non-communicable diseases. transmissible (ENT).

The recommendations in that document distinguish three age groups: 5-17 years, 18-64 years and over 65 years.

We give you 5 more reasons to exercise

If you still do not have enough reasons to start practicing sports, we will highlight 5 of the main benefits of doing it on a regular basis:

1. Improves general health

Practicing exercise on a regular basis may help reduce the chances of suffering from many diseases: diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, etc. Thus, we have in our hands an essential prevention tool for our health.

Everything we do in a preventive way will be better and sport is one of the most effective methods.

2. Exercise improves functional age

Physical activity reduces the signs of aging and combats aging.

That is, it measures a person’s ability to function effectively in the surrounding environment, where strength and other physical abilities have a lot to say.

We all know someone who at 50 years of age has a better physical level than many of 30, people who are marathoners with more than 75 years and others who are dependent on that age to perform their most daily tasks.

The health of an elderly person should be measured in terms of function rather than disease. The practice of physical activity in an older person is associated with a decrease in the risk of several chronic diseases related to aging.

3. Improves the feeling of well-being

The mood of those who practice sports is much more positive because there is an important anxiolytic effect in anyone who performs the physical activity of moderate intensity.

Different studies have shown that sports practice helps reduce stress and improve mood. This is so due to the variables of biological types, such as the segregation of endorphins, which take place when you exercise. Endorphins are known as happiness hormones.

4. Increase your mental capacity

The release of endogenous hormones after the practice of physical exercise helps improve concentration and mental performance.

See that you are capable of doing more things than you thought, surpass yourself and surrender to the exercise looking for more. That strength that at first seems only physical has a lot of mental.

That successful person in a sport is a person who has a mind trained to sacrifice, to stand firm in a decision, to fight even when it seems that there is no strength left.

And if you can do all that while exercising, imagine everything you can face outside of the gym. It helps concentration in general and to have more commitment to oneself.

5. Physical exercise can also help look better

People who exercise burn more calories and look more toned than those who do not. Since it improves the process of cellular oxygenation, it serves as a complement to delay the appearance of signs of aging. In addition, physical exercise can help keep the body at a healthy weight.

With all these benefits, there is no other option than to recommend everyone to exercise regularly. Both cardiovascular training and strength training will provide innumerable improvements in the field of health.


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